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A couple of students from Christèle's fashion course (BA Fashion Design and Development at London College of Fashion), had an idea of organising an independent show, as only a lucky few are selected for the annual London College of Fashion graduates. We really wanted to have the opportunity to show our collections in a more relaxed and contemporary setting as well as have control over the creative direction of the show.

The evening was very exciting, we were very happy to welcome and show our work to our family, friends, tutors and technicians, and of course the press. The show was well received by the full venue, and it was only natural to finish this wonderful journey together on the dancefloor.

The New Talent Fashion Award

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The New Talent Fashion Award_MaisonMbossoCollection2

“The New Talent Fashion Awards are a thrilling event exciting viewers and communities with new and unrecognized talent.

Highlighting the most creative & unique minds, we recognize new talent interested in sustainability and help them grow. 

In the fashion world, there was always a lack for businesses and industry to find the newest talent coming through, this platform gives everyone the ability to access talent worldwide at their fingertips. In return, it gives the chance for new creatives to be recognised by the industry no matter their background. Everyone has the same chance to be recognised. 

We are the New Talent Fashion Awards a team of passionate people providing a path for creatives to change the industry. We live for inspiration, positivity and progression.”